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What is Round Dancing?

The Intermediate & above levels (Phase IV-VI) of Round Dancing are essentially Ballroom Dancing to choreographed routines. The figures or patterns, in each routine, are called out just before the dancer is to execute them by a round dance cuer. The dancers progress around the floor in unison. At the lower levels (Phase II-III), Round Dancing is similar, though not the same, to Country Western mainly concentrating on two rhythms, two step & waltz.


Round Dances have been choreographed to a wide variety of ballroom and modern music in both the International & American ballroom syles. A few of the rhythms include: waltz, Viennese waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, international tango, American tango, argentine tango, rumba, bolero, cha, jive, swing, jitterbug, west coast swing, disco, samba, paso doble, mambo, meringue, slow two step (aka Nightclub two step)...


For a more detailed description, pictures, videos, lessons, clubs and special events in Colorado, please go to the Colorado Round Dance Association (CRDA) website.


To find a place to take lessons and additional information please visit:
Roundalab: Lesson locations: USA / International
International Choreographed Ballroom Dancers Association (ICBDA) - formerly known as URDC

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My specialty lies in helping make your dancing look and feel more comfortable & enjoyable while improving your knowledge by workshopping figures, techniques (couple, body, foot…) and styling.



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Cantrell Choreography

    Music Sample
Q Cued Music Sample
video of routine Video (thanks to Danceinfo1-email, George & Pam Hurd, Brent & Judy Moore and Irv & Betty Easterday)
Hot off the Presses:
video of routine Abracadabra (Cantrell V F)
video of routine How Sweet It Is (Canterll III J)
Rumba Beguine (Cantrell IV R)
Esta Noche Bailamos (Cantrell IV S)
video of routine Cancun (V rumba)
An Illusion (III waltz)
video of routine All Around the World (IV jives) **
A Horse With No Name (III rhythm[rb & ts figurs])

video of routine Ain't That A Kick (V foxtrot) - / Q
video of routine It Ain't Necessarily So (IV wcs) - / Q
video of routine All of You (VI foxtrot) - / Q
I Wanta Dance With You (VI jive)
Almost like being in Love (IV+1 quickstep) - / Q
Kiss Me Mucho (III rumba) - / Q
Are You An Illusion (V waltz) - / Q
video of routine Mia (VI rumba) - / Q - special thanks to Bob Close for the assist
video of routine Bailamos (IV+1 samba) - / Q
Mia Tres (III+1 rumba) - / Q
Besame Cha (VI cha)
video of routine
Nearness of You (V foxtrot) - / Q
Chain of Fools (IV swing/intro wcs)
Princesses Three (III+1 waltz) - the Fairytale - / Q
Dancing Princess(VI waltz) - / Q
Rock 'N Roll Heart (IV jive)
video of routine Dueling Tango (V argentine tango)
video of routine Secret Love (V foxtrot) - / Q
Falling in Love with Love (viennese waltz)
Silverio (V+1 paso doble) - / Q
video of routine Feeling Good (V wcs) - / Q
Take My Love (VI wcs) - / Q
Flying Dreams (VI waltz) - / Q
Tango Lasita (V international tango)
Have You Seen My Lover (mambo)
This 2 Can't Be Love (II+1 two step) - / Q
Hedwig's Theme (rhythm) - pending -
This Can't Be Love (VI foxtrot) - / Q
video of routine I'm All Right (VI Foxtrot) - / Q updated
video of routine Una Manana (V cha) - / Q

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